Menopause symptoms can be uncomfortable for some women at the least but unbearable at the worst. Having control of your body and being able to minimise ‘hot flushes’ or fatigue is a wonderful bonus don’t you think? Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to give you relief from symptoms and allow you to age without these side-effects! I have uploaded an information sheet with some good advice about how to beat the menopause so you can enjoy life and not let anything stand in your way! Hypnotherapy sessions can also be an excellent way to improve your mind-set for those who may be ‘stuck’ in negativity. It is easy to feel ‘down’ especially if we are surrounded by problems or negative people but we all deserve to live a fulfilled life and we need to break free of this to improve. So for those who want to progress forward and want to feel great- book a session and feel the benefits! Menopause