Personalised Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, EFT, Stress & Anxiety Coaching, Pain Eliminator in Brigg, Scunthorpe, Grimsby encompassing Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Humberside. Therapy designed so you Stop, Think & Change.

Welcome and thank you for looking at my site and I hope you find it helpful. I am passionate about my work and use a combination of hypnotherapy, hypnopictography, cognitive behaviour therapy, coaching and EFT and many other techniques listed on my 'About' page, in my sessions with clients. Although I treat all conditions, there is insufficient space to upload all my skills & knowledge and experience onto this site. Each page offers some brief information that may help you understand what I do and how I can help you overcome your issue. What matters to me is you get great results quickly and enjoy life every day. If you find there is no or little information for your condition on this site, then please e-mail Susan at [email protected] or message her on T:07943728851 and she will respond to you usually within 1-24 hours and I really don't mind. 

As stated previously, I specialise in all conditions but the bulk of my work lies with treating clients for Anxiety, Pain Removal, Weight Control (Hypnoband System- virtual gastric band), Smoking Cessation, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Childhood Trauma & Violence. As an eminent Hypnotherapy Trainer, I ensure I update my own skills constantly to offer my clients and students the best tools for any issues they present with.  

I am Principal of Piece of Minds Medical Hypnotherapy & Reiki Training School, a GHR Supervisor for CPD, I set up and facilitated Wakefield Peer Support Group but now offer a local group.  My mission statement is 'Treating you as a 'WHOLE' not just your issues'.

Take a look around my site and when you are ready, I look forward to speaking and working with you soon.

Introducing the Hypnotic Gastric Band - Hypno-Band:

Over four sessions we take you through the process of having a gastric band fitted, but only in your mind. By using suggestion and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food. By eating less and less often you will begin to reduce your weight. Your craving should also diminish. The process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques, along with several other specialised techniques  to help you achieve your ideal weight - and stay there!

Each session in the HYNPO-BAND system lasts for 1-2 hours, before beginning the process a full assessment will be carried out.

Does it involve surgery?  No! the HYPNO-BAND system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method using the techniques of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and other specialised techniques.

Does it hurt? On the contrary. The HYPNO-BAND procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

So it's safe? Yes! the HYPNO-BAND system is perfectly safe.

Please contact Susan for more in-depth information about this weight control system and take the first step to successfully achieving and maintaining your desired weight or size.

Treating All Conditions

  • weight control

  • eating disorders

  • IBS

  • pain

  • sexual disorders

  • smoking cessation

  • confidence/motivation

  • panic/anxiety/stress

  • nail biting

  • personal development

  • obstetrics

  • memory recall/retention

  • exam prep

  • childhood trauma

  • PTSD

  • sleep

  • fear/phobia

Introducing our NEW 'BIO-COGNITIVE THERAPEUTICS' plan including 'Emotional Management' .

Our therapy is designed to demonstrate to you your own mind-body connection and how they influence each other. Using neuroscientific profiling, we can teach you techniques to balance your mind and body so they work harmoniously together and you feel the improvements quickly. Enjoying and balancing your life is important and here at Piece of Minds we guide and support you every step of the way. Feeling empowered to move forward knowing you can achieve whatever you desire is now possible and only a telephone call away!