Please read below some reviews and testimonials from just a few of my clients,

I saw Susan for hypnobirthing and she was fantastic. It was my first pregnancy , and despite not quite having the birth I wanted, I managed to stay very calm and focused, trusting my body and my baby. I had a very positive birth experience, which was quick and without complication. I would highly recommend Susan, and cannot thank her enough!  Frances Shaw 7/2/2018 

Susan Lawrence as you know I had physiotherapy, medicines and cortisone injections - none of which really made any difference. After suffering pain due to a frozen shoulder for over 9 months, I was absolutely amazed that following one session with Susie, I am now able to sleep better and do exercises to help get mobility back in my arm and shoulder. Thanks again. (Name withheld by request.)


I recently had a Past Life regression with Susie (something I had wanted to do for several years) and can only say the experience was amazing. She took me back to a former life at the beginning of the 20th century , as a farmer's wife with 5 children!! Totally unexpected, and revealed my "knowledge" of areas in Yorkshire which I had not heard of before....totally recommend Susie....she is a warm lovely lady, and extremely good at her craft. I'm in the process now of attempting to "trace" my former self....interesting stuff!! Janet  19/1/2018

Just want to say thank you Susie for fitting me in on short notice....You were amazing and with your help I have had the most amazing shifts at work, thank you so much (Name withheld by request.)

 (Name withheld by request.)

Just wanted to say thank you to Susan Lawrence for helping me overcome my work related stress and anxiety. For the first time in I don't know how long I feel like I  am in control and can handle the stresses that life can present. Susan has given me coping mechanisms and its almost as if someone has turned down the volume in my head and I can actually tune in to what is important. Thank you - Bradley

I contacted Susan to see if she could help me gain motivation and raise my confidence levels to enable me to start up my own business.  A friend of mine had been talking about how he had been to see Piece of Minds to help him get organized and motivated to running his business better and more efficiently.  He told me how Susan had changed his entire outlook on life and how much more calm, relaxed and happy he felt. Susan reprogram his mind to motivate him to keep on top of his paperwork, which was always the part he hated and was quite afraid of due to his confidence in carrying out these sort of tasks.  I was so impressed and intrigued I instantly got in touch.
Susan replied to my email immediately and asked me to give her a brief outline of what I wanted to address in my life.  At the time I had no clue how to priorities my issues I really felt I needed to address, so Susan patiently guided me through the process with several excellent suggestions. She made me feel really comfortable and confident about what I needed to do to be successful in my life.
I went to see her shortly afterwards and we discussed the process of hypnosis.  Having never experienced hypnosis before, I was obviously a little inquisitive but thoroughly looking forward to it at the same time. I was expecting to go and have my hour session and then leave.  This wasn't the case at all, I was made to feel so comfortable and relaxed, not at all rushed and that all that mattered was me!  Susan firmly believes that the client’s therapy session should last as long as it needs to, to fix the problem and should never be governed by a timescale. She gives a high quality service and is 100% committed to her work.
Over the next couple of weeks after listening to my disc she recorded at my session, I noticed that I became much more positive and focused in everything I did. I also noticed a marked improvement in my confidence levels and motivation to tackle new obstacles and plan ahead for my future.  I am now ready to go live with my venture and have Susan to thank for helping me move forward because I now know I will  be successful. 
I would recommend Piece of Minds to anyone.  It really works!  Susan really cares about what she does and gives service second to none.
Thanks Susan.
C W xx

Emma 22 July at 10:19 
Hi, well so far i feel great!! I can think about my mum and the past and not get upset, my OCD seems to have calmed down and I haven't stopped getting things done! Instead of thinking ill do it tmrw I've done it there and then!! I'm just preying it lasts!! Thank you so much! X 
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I came to Susan at Piece of Minds as a last resort to help me with weight loss. When I came to see Susan I was 17 stone 9lb, I had heard of the Hypnoband system in the media and was immediately interested as I was far too much of a coward to undertake surgery, but was desperate to lose weight.  
Susan's warm, caring manner soon put me at my ease and I was able to discuss much more than weight loss with her, I hadn't realised how much more she was able and willing to help me with.  As well as weight loss which is still continuing and which I have complete confidence will continue until I reach my ideal weight ( Susan has made it so easy to eat smaller portions and do so without feeling hungry), Susan has got rid of leg pain caused by sciatica, pain in my hip which woke me at night and to my husband's delight and my amazement stopped me from snoring!
I can't recommend Susan highly enough, she has transformed my life.
(Name withheld by request.)

I came across Susan when I was getting ready to go on my summer holiday and wanted help to relax and “chill out” before I went away.  I was having difficulty to slow down after work and on weekends, and needed a way to assist me getting into a more relaxed and less stressed frame of mind.  My work as a director/shareholder in a growing private sector business is comparatively high-paced and carries a serious level of responsibility.  Although I don’t feel that I am under undue stress, there are high performance expectations and when things don’t go to plan, it falls ultimately to me as the leader of the company to direct the changes and improvements that have to be made.
Susan took great pain to get to the bottom of my situation, taking a lot of time to understand precisely the background and circumstances of what was happening at work and at home, all done in a relaxed environment and in confidence.  I was impressed with her attention to detail and her insight into the triggers for what was going on.
The outcome is that I have seen Susan on several occasions.  Each time, we have gone more deeply into the situation and I have come away with recorded material on a CD which I listen to at home.  I have found that the recordings easy to listen to (I can easily fall asleep with them on) and they have helped me with my relaxation.  The proof of the pudding is that those around me in the work environment have noticed a change over the last several weeks.  I find it easier to listen to people in the office and believe that I am more tolerant of “unsatisfactory” behaviour on the part of my kids – I am able to put it into context better.
Would I recommend Susan to business executives in a similar situation to mine?  Unreservedly.  Do I intend to go back as the need arises?  Absolutely.”

(Name withheld by request.)

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I had a hypno gastric band and am now losing weight slowly. I do not feel hungry during the day. Suan was very helpful and I felt very relaxed with her.When any problems arose Susan was very helpful. Glad I went to her.


I went to Peace of Mind as I was suffering with a condition that leaves you crippled without the intervention of steroids. 
The consultation was quite in depth and from this Susan suggested a treatment, and explained in detail the procedure. I had my first treatment on Tuesday of this week, and was amazed the following morning there was a notable reduction in pain. I found Susan to be very professional and reassuring at all times. Would recommend this services, and have done.


I first went to Susan at Peace of minds for help with my weight problem and excessive eating habits. 
She recommended the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band treatment. I found the whole process and treatment to be very positive and empowering. Susan has a very pleasant easy manner, relaxing you straight away. I lost weight easily with this method, whilst gaining control over my eating problem. I continue to access other Hypnotherapy treatments with Susan at Peace of Minds and can thoroughly recommend the services offered


I have visited Sue for a couple of issues. I tried the Gastric Band, and that, combined with hypnotherapy to help me reduce my alcohol intake was very successful. Very welcoming when you visit for the first time, putting you at ease at all times. A relaxing experience recommending to help you find your inner self.


I had a hypo band flitted with Susan and found it to be a wonderful experience from the first meeting in minutes of walking in you feel like one of the family from first session the relaxation i felt was amazing and was totally at ease i am loosing my weight and inches and feeling great

Susan at Piece of Minds helped me overcome my nail biting problem I have had since childhood. After 1 session I now have lovely nails I am proud to show off, I am so grateful, I can't thank Susan enough. I would definitely recommend Piece of Minds to anyone considering Hypnotherapy. Susan is a very professional and caring person. 

Susan at Piece of Minds is a caring professional who has enabled me to lose almost 2 stones in weight so far and also cured my sciatic pain. I can highly recommend her services. 
Karen 11 Jan 2011

I had the Hypno-Band procedure with Susan and subsequently lost 11kgs. It really was effortless, I just did it without thinking! Susan was professional and put me at ease immediately. I felt very confident with her and would highly recommend her. 

Susan has helped my son (who is on the Autistic Spectrum) with his self confidence and self esteem and also with his weight .She has worked wonders in such a small amount of time, its amazing! She is a wonderfully warm and helpful person, whom I would recommend in a heartbeat - and I already have

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