Cancer Care

Cancer Care

Being told that you have cancer can be a terrifying experience and you may believe that you are going to die soon. Cancer cells are abnormal cells found in the body which grow at a faster rate than a normal cell to form a tumour. Tumours can be in isolation or they may spread and invade other tissues in the body.

There are various treatments for cancer and these are usually discussed and agreed by you with your doctor. Hypnotherapy can be an effective complementary therapy to these treatments and may help you overcome your fear, anxiety, stress and any symptoms you are experiencing at that time.

By using different techniques, hypnotherapy can help you:

·         Improve your immune system.

·         reduce and remove pain.

·         cope with the side effects of other treatment.

·         increase your confidence and raise your self-esteem.

·         remain positive.

·         feel safe and secure.

·         remain relaxed and calm.

·         increase your own healing power.

Using self hypnosis, guided imagery and healing visualisation (Psychoneuroimmunology), some cancer patients have actually healed themselves and found the cancer has vanished from their body. This technique is intense and must be performed at least once a day for the best results. The hypnotherapist guides you inside your body to the cancer sites and instructs you to destroy the tumours by any method you find appropriate. This treatment continues until the tumour vanishes.

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