EMDR is an acronym for ‘Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing’ and is a powerful psychological treatment method. When a person is involved in a distressing event, they may feel overwhelmed and their brain may be unable to process the information like a normal memory. When a person recalls the distressing memory, the person can re-experience what they saw, heard, smelt, tasted or felt, and this can be quite intense. Sometimes the memories are so distressing, the person tries to avoid thinking about the distressing event to avoid experiencing the distressing feelings. By using the alternating left-right stimulation of the brain with eye movements, sounds or taps during the EMDR process, it stimulates the information processing system. In the process the distressing memories lose their intensity and become stress-less.

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy

Would you like to be free of chronic pain or have it markedly reduced? Do you want to control yourself and not allow pain to do the controlling? If you feel you are answering yes, then Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy is for you.

This process is extremely effective for clients and has been successfully used with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, nerve pain and many more health conditions. Currently, clinical trials are taking place within the NHS in certain areas and these results will play a major part in future treatments.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment for PTSD because it treats the issue at its core. Over the years I have practised (10), I have treated victims of sexual, violent crime & domestic abuse, Armed Force Personnel, Emergency Service professionals and clients who have suffered with personal issues through bullying, death of a loved one or any event where the distress has left the person with deep emotional devastation.

Hypnotherapy is the primary choice of treatment for PTSD as it works quickly and is extremely effective with the right therapist. I use a process called the ‘Rewind Technique’ but use it differently and incorporate other techniques within it to ensure each client destroys any emotion attached to repressed memories. Some clients find the memories that had been stored have actually changed and they themselves have orchestrated this. The client needs to leave the session feeling back in control of their emotions. Rapport and building trust with your client is an important aspect of treating trauma and you should feel safe and secure at all times during this process. Each trauma usually only takes one session to remove the debilitating emotions and you may need some extra ego-strengthening incorporated into a following session to ensure you feel empowered to complete your treatment plan. There are other therapies that can be used alongside this technique if needed but it is on a very rare occasion it would be necessary and in the most extreme cases.

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT EFT is similar to acupuncture and focuses on tapping the meridian points in your body to restore balance to your body’s energy. It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms or negative experiences & emotions. It is based on Chinese medicine meridian points are thought of energy flowing through channels in your body to maintain health. EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure on certain parts of your face and hands and this technique is easy to do and easy to

follow at home. By tapping on these points, you ultimately restore balance to any disrupted energy pathway. It sounds very peculiar and I understand what you may think but I have seen some miraculous results on pain, frozen shoulder movements, fear of heights and a lot more issues that I personally have treated. It is quick and effective!


Dreamscaping is a completely content free technique that uses the client’s own imagination to create visual imagery to resolve their own issues in whatever way is most appropriate to them. Because it’s led by them, it becomes much more powerful than any metaphors or analogies we could create. It is fun and you will find many issues you may have will resolve themselves during the session.


This is a simple negotiation technique working with the conscious and unconscious mind to resolve most issues and predominantly was developed to eliminate pain. However, as it works within the subconscious realm, we use it for a series of issues e.g. confidence, anxiety, stress, snoring… the list is endless and long term this technique is effective.


This is based around the Gift of Self -Healing and designed to place the clients mind and body into the best possible healing state. Clients who have experienced this technique tend to feel invigorated and uplifted afterwards.


The T.I.M.E. Protocol (Total Integrated Mind Enhancement) has been developed to be a ‘Belts and Braces’ type of therapy that is highly effective for almost every situation or issue. It uses elements of lots of different techniques into one flowing narrative that the client can follow and enjoy. It also allows the most effective changes to be made at the right times. These sessions are intensive

Treating All Conditions

  • weight control

  • eating disorders

  • IBS

  • pain

  • sexual disorders

  • smoking cessation

  • confidence/motivation

  • panic/anxiety/stress

  • nail biting

  • personal development

  • obstetrics

  • memory recall/retention

  • exam prep

  • childhood trauma

  • PTSD

  • sleep

  • fear/phobia