Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is one of the most common problems of the digestive system.  The condition is usually characterised by abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, flatulence and changes in bowel habits. 

Approximately one in six people in the UK have these symptoms - mainly women - and it can seriously affect their quality of life. Pain from the spasms may be mild to severe and it tends to lessen on bowel movement but worsen on eating.  Bowel movements may vary in consistency from hard, loose or watery stools but may be accompanied by varying amounts of mucus. Some people may feel an overwhelming urgent need to open their bowels several times.  Other symptoms that are sometimes present in IBS include: nausea, indigestion, backache and tiredness.  Some people may also develop bladder problems later.

The exact cause of IBS is unknown.  The condition is not life-threatening and generally does not lead to serious conditions or complications.  However, it is generally accepted that the ongoing pain, fatigue and stress caused by IBS can be debilitating, leading to poor quality of life while contributing to work absenteeism.  Studies suggest that a variety of factors may trigger the onset of IBS.  These include an acute gastric infection causing an over-reaction by the sufferers immune system.  Other studies suggest a strong relationship between IBS and increased levels of anxiety or stress suffered by the patient. The relationship between mind and body has gained increasing attention in the treatment of IBS.  Here, long-term suffers have turned away from conventional treatment and medication, which only partially addresses the symptoms of IBS, in favour of hypnosis.  Formal studies have shown that rapid and lasting benefits can be achieved through hypnosis.  Indeed, hypnosis is becoming recognised as the most effective treatment for IBS.

Hypnotherapy is a safe & suitable therapy to regulate and restore the digestive system to function healthier. Treatment may be effective after the first session, but it is usual for clients to continue with their therapy until their symptoms are under control – usually three sessions. 
Hypnotherapy is becoming recognised as the most effective treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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There are no specific tests to diagnose IBS, However, it is vital for other, potentially serious, conditions to be eliminated, by qualified medical practitioners, prior to treatment through hypnotherapy.   Symptoms similar to IBS can be caused by a variety of other conditions.  These include parasitic infections, lactose intolerance, bacterial infection, and coeliac disease.  Older patients should also undergo a colonoscopy check.