Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Having hypnosis for weight loss is a the very personal service and it is important to me that you achieve your goal.  My aim is to programme your mind for healthy eating of much smaller portion sizes, remove any cravings you may have and not have the feeling of being hungry.  I use hypnosis to programme your sub-conscious so food no longer dominates your life - you eat to live not live to eat.  I also install confidence, raise your self-esteem & self-discipline and for you to feel content and have inner peace.

This weight loss session is £100 and is a one off session with the session recorded on a CD for you to listen to it everyday for 30 consecutive days.
In the meantime if you decide to book an appointment I would like you to think about what sort of things trigger you to eat, what you eat that you would like removing from your diet and what you would like adding into your diet etc. It’s a process of analysing yourself over a couple of days and writing things down on a piece of paper. For example, one client said to me eating during the night was a problem, Other areas highlighted are hormones, stress, emotional eating, can't stop thinking about food, I eat because.....Do you eat because you are sad, happy, lonely, bored, hyperactive, anxious, frustrated or angry? Where do you eat- is it in groups, alone, in bed, watching the TV, at work, business lunches, coffee breaks or whilst you are doing other things? Why do you eat- because it is a reward, for companionship, something to do, compensation, to relax, to feel important, to feel secure, to feel better about yourself, for love or any other reason?

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Treating All Conditions

  • weight control

  • eating disorders

  • IBS

  • pain

  • sexual disorders

  • smoking cessation

  • confidence/motivation

  • panic/anxiety/stress

  • nail biting

  • personal development

  • obstetrics

  • memory recall/retention

  • exam prep

  • childhood trauma

  • PTSD

  • sleep

  • fear/phobia