A local hypnotherapist specialising in successful pain management has been recognised for her talent by the U.K. Founder of Future House Pain Therapy Centre and of ‘Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy’, a brand- new cutting-edge holistic therapy that helps those suffering from chronic and emotional pain.

Susan Lawrence has worked as an accomplished Therapist & Coach for over ten years, will be offering complimentary pain management sessions to North & North East Lincs residents in support of ‘International Pain Elimination Day’, taking place on 14th September 2018. Susan, a senior nurse, Senior Hypnotherapist and experienced Trainer is thrilled to be working with a specialised team she trained and supports post qualification. ‘We are a team of highly trained mature professionals who see remarkable results every day with this newly- developed technique. We firmly believe there should be nobody with unmanageable pain, life is to be enjoyed and nothing should stand in your way’.

Susan says ‘Pain can be such a debilitating condition and we want to help as many local people benefit from our experience as a Hypnotherapist and Pain Management Specialist. International Pain Elimination Day is a day of charitable giving by our practitioners and we will be raising money for our fabulous chosen charity ‘UNICEF’ who work tremendously hard to aid underprivileged children and people will be encouraged to make a donation for their session with our team’.

Susan explains that ‘sessions will last for around 20-30 minutes and are suitable for those suffering from Chronic Pain issues (medically diagnosed) such as arthritis, sciatica, back and joint problems, old accidents and more. We will be able to show people how to manage pain more effectively to enable them to help family and friends.

Our skilful team will consist of a Future House Lead Consultant- Susan Lawrence (Piece of Minds, Scunthorpe, Brigg & Kirton) and our Specialist Practitioners are: Karen Jacklin (Body Remedy Clinic, based in Cleethorpes & Grimsby), Heather Wood (Social Worker & Hypnotherapist East Halton, Habrough, Immingham & Barton area), Michelle Dunne (Hypnotherapist, Wakefield & Doncaster) and Helinka Carr (Hypnotherapist, Leeds).
The day will take place at The Demeter Therapy Centre in Brigg (next door to the ice cream parlour) and run from 10.30-4.30pm. Demeter House is a wonderful small family run school offering a high level of care and education for vulnerable children with emotional, behavioural and associated learning difficulties, particularly students with autistic spectrum disorders and they have generously donated a room in their separate therapy centre to use for this charity event. Those interested in a having a pain elimination session should call T:07943728851 in the first instance to confirm availability and suitability.
For anybody who is interested but cannot get to us on the day, we do offer this therapy using skype in our daily practices.