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F –rustration

A –ggressiveness

I –nsecurity

L –oneliness

U –ncertainty

R –esentment

E –mptiness

Failure is First Attempt In Learning!

To avoid these feelings we must make sure we don’t over challenge ourselves and plan meticulously for SUCCESS.

Successful feelings give us a:

S –ense of direction

U –nderstanding

C –ourage

C -almness

E –steem

S –elf Confidence

S – elf Acceptance. Credit to Alex William Smith (Jonathon Royle).

Don’t ever feel that if it didn’t work out the first time that its over! Give yourself credit for doing it and be aware of what you learned on the journey. We should always learn from our mistakes as this can help us gain what we need to make it work! I for one have made some bad decisions in life but I reflect on why it went wrong and worked out how I could put it right. Having the right mentor is important when you want to achieve something. You can discuss things in detail and having a second pair of ears can help enormously- it’s refreshing! Don’t think about your project 24/7 as you need to rest and re-energise- nobody can work effectively if they don’t eat nutritiously, drink plenty of fluids and sleep!

Here at we work with people to instil confidence and self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, you can focus on what you want to do. We program motivation & determination into our sessions and teach you lots of techniques to help you on your exciting journey. To be the ‘best’ you need to put effort and hard work into it, nothing comes easy, or as they say ‘there’s no free lunches’.

If you want to CHANGE and may have lost your ZING but know deep down you want to be successful, then contact me and let’s sort out your pathway to success. Susie.

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