Play Nice!

Trust honesty and integrity are major qualities we all should have! I’m watching the news and poor Stacey Solomon has been dishonestly slaughtered by a damning magazine. Maybe you sell more mags by lying and as some of our nation are extremely inquisitive, sadly they will probably sell even more now she has gone live to protect herself! We live in a fantasy world at times and so many folk feel the need to make things up to big themselves up. EGO, EGO, EGO. I call this the ‘Unsettled Soul’ Syndrome. Never feel deflated and that you aren’t good enough. If you really are happy with who you are, you don’t need to shout, others will do it for you! Be true to yourself and feel comfortable inside and just go out there and enjoy your life doing what you do to the standard you set yourself. Kindness and giving thought to others is a beautiful quality and it can make another person feel so special at that moment. So give a meaningful smile this morning to strangers, it may have a great impact on them.